Federation of St Bede's and St Bernadette Catholic Schools

Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities Statement


Our commitment to Equal Opportunities encompasses our aims for all the children to develop into rounded individuals, who are able to express themselves and achieve their full potential free from stereotypes.


Our aim, when planning the curriculum, is that it should be appropriate to the needs, abilities and aptitudes of the individual. No child is discouraged from taking part in an activity.  Therefore the environment reflects a positive image for each gender and encourages children to participate in areas where girls and boys have traditionally not been involved.


Our desire is that through effective role models and affirmative experiences in an atmosphere free from prejudice, the children will be able to acknowledge positively similarities and differences.


In keeping with the Catholic ethos of our school we will not allow racist or discriminatory language or behaviour from anyone within the school or its premises. Neither do we allow violent play, play fighting (or war toys in the nursery.)


Children are not excluded from the school because of disability. Children are admitted to the school according to the admission criteria.


All the staff are aware that good Early Years practice can have a very positive influence on the developing child.  Our Equal Opportunities policy underpins our practice. We develop each child’s self esteem through positive comments and encouragement, thus enhancing their self image, their ability to interact co-operatively within a group and the desire to learn.


Extracted from our Anti-discriminatory Policy for all members of the school - children, staff, governors and visitors - irrespective of their ethnic origin, gender, social class, ability or disability is an essential value for this school.  We believe that we are all equal in the sight of God (for God made us all and loves us all), and we recognise the inequalities that people may suffer.  A Christian ethos permeates all the school’s activities in both the broad and hidden curriculum.  Everyone has a role to play in ensuring fairness towards each individual and the community we serve.


The school closely monitors the progress of all children so that differences in achievement can be identified early and remedial action taken.  Where our children are bi-lingual we are aware of the need to target specific help in the development of English language skills, through the allocation of personnel, books, equipment or materials as appropriate, to any child whose proficiency in English is at an early stage.


The school is committed to examining all aspects of its curriculum in respect of discrimination of any kind, and to eliminating this discrimination if it occurs.  To achieve this, all teachers regularly evaluate their teaching methods and resources.


We are committed to preparing all children for life in a multi-cultural society.  Through our behaviour policy we encourage all children to become self-disciplined, to share resources fairly and to play co-operatively.  All children are treated as of equal worth and value and are ensured equal access to resources, facilities and opportunities.


We expect the same high standards of behaviour from both boys and girls.  All staff are totally opposed to any form of racism in thought, word or deed.  We take firm disciplinary action to deal with any incident of racial abuse that may occur on the school premises.


Anyone who notes any instance of this policy not being adhered to should notify a member of the Senior Management Team who will investigate the allegation and take appropriate action.


Staff in our nursery are committed to supporting the whole school by ensuring continuity of the school’s policy through good early years’ practice.